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Dancing Orchid SoapWorks

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Our Candle Bar is an experience!

Dancing orchid Soapworks candle bar is not a class but an experience to customize your own creation! Our candle bar is indeed a unique and exciting experience to share with your special someone, a group of friends, or the family for some fun quality time together! Whether you're a local or just passing through, stop by the shop! We'd be thrilled to have you!

It will take about 2 HOURS for your new custom candle to cure. Your candle will be glazed, the wick will be trimmed, and the label will be carefully applied by your scent specialist. Spend some time strolling through Downtown Marlborough's historic streets! Tell them your name once you get back, and they'll have your finished product packed and ready for you to take home (or give away!). If you don't have time to pick up your candle, we can ship it for $8.00. When you get home, you place your magnificent creation on the coffee table and light it.

As your home fills with your one-of-a kind scent, you post photos and
videos from the day to your Instagram story using incredibly cool and smart hashtags like #pourwithDancingorchidsoapworks, #gettinglitwithcandlelight, or even #itslit, #candlebardancingorchidsoapworks.

While you wait for your candle to cure here are a few things to check out in our lovely Downtown area! Click the link to find more to do in Marlborough.

Welly's Restaurant, Double T's Tavern, Fish Restaurant
and Wine, Thairiffic Restaurant, Flying Dreams Brewery, Street Kitchen, Double T's Tavern, Lost Shoe Brewery, Silk Bistro, Word On The Street, TTC Nails & Spa, Town cuts, Fame Hair Design, Joy Den Jewelers.

For More Places to visit click the link below!

About Us

All products are 100% handmade in small batches and made to order. Owned by an artisan who just can't help making things! We use the traditional method of soap making, cold process, which we use all types of high-quality butters, waxes, oils and fragrances, providing different qualities to each natural loaf. Some of our ingredients includes goat’s milk, clays, and essential oils to add extra “pampering” to each bar of soap. Each bar of soap is cured for up to 4-8 weeks before wrapping. Most of our products are 100% vegan free! (except our goat milk products). We also have a range of glycerine based soaps made in small batches. Our soap gives lots of soft and creamy bubbles with a good long lasting lather.

Dancing Orchid Soapworks specializes in the use of the highest-quality oils and liquids that we source from around the world. We test every product in our lab because we know how important is to you and we strive to only give the best to our customers. Dancing Orchid Soapworks Handmade Soap offers a wide variety of soaps, from beautifully colored and patterned bar soaps to much more. Dancing Orchid Soapworks is dedicated to creating gentle, moisturizing and luxurious soap. We have something for everyone! Choose from extra-gentle fragrance-free goat’s milk soap, unique and creatively-designed soaps scented with fragrance oils, all-natural soaps made with essential oils, and a variety of skin pampering bath and beauty products. You are sure to find something you love as well as a great variety of gift ideas for everyone!

We also can customize a order for your needs please emails us at

for more information.

Who We Are

Dancing Orchid Soapworks is a handmade soap and bath product company located in beautiful Downtown Marlborough, Massachusetts. We ship orders all over the world. We use premium ingredients to freshly prepare our products on-site. When you purchase from us you are supporting a small business that gives back to the community. We are passionate about being a 100% handmade company and staying true to those roots.

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Dancing Orchid Soapworks

266 Main St

Marlborough, MA 01752


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We are proud to be part of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Assocation!

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