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Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Cotton Eye Pillow - Dancing Orchid SoapWorks

Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Cotton Eye Pillow

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   Our Lavender Eye pillow can be cooled in the freezer and used as a cooling compress for headache or migraine treatment. For soothing warmth simply place in a microwave safe dish and warm in 10 second increments. These Little guys are just the right pressure, blocking out light, relieving tension and calming the muscles around the eyes. Filled with natural materials like flaxseed and dried lavender, these eye pillows are beneficial in soothing headaches or migraines and relieving sinus pressure. 

   The scent of lavender will last for years in a pillow, just go ahead and give a squeeze  from time to time. Our Lavender eye pillow is the perfect accompaniment to Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness or just simple relaxation. This pillow also can be placed into the fridge to relieve puffy tired eyes. The great thing about these pillows are they are versatile and can be used by anyone of any age and are also suitable for children.

Ingredients: Flaxseeds, Dried Lavender And Lavender Essential Oil.


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