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Why Soy

Our Guarantee to you, our valued customer, that you will receive an excellently crafted quality product each and every time you receive an order from us. Our Candles are produced fresh and daily in Massachusetts and shipped across the world.

Established in 2017, the hobby started in a kitchen later turned into business. We assure you that our good pricing, large selection, and quality Candles can’t be beat. 

F.Y.I  did you know that paraffin candles are known as an undesirable part of crude oil. when you burn those candles you are burning crude oil in your home. Soy Candles are 100% natural and clean. Soy Candles burn twice as long as Paraffin wax candles. Swap your old Paraffin candle for a Dancing Orchid Soapworks candle today! has Soy Candle scents for everyone’s preference and budget. Soy Candles burn longer, cleaner and the scent throw is much better than the typical paraffin wax candles. All major candle players are paraffin. Being soy wax, our candles are truly for those that appreciate a quality candle at a reasonable price. We are about value, it’s as simple as that. We don’t have fancy labels and we don’t spend a fortune in advertising we just provide value. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Why we don’t you use paraffin wax in our candles?

Paraffin candles are much easier to produce, the wax costs less, you can use less fragrance oil, no curing time, and they’re much faster and cheaper to produce. Soy wax is much harder to make, takes twice as long, and costs roughly 50% more to make. Though paraffin candles are much easier, faster, and cheaper to make, we had to look at it from a consumers’ point of view when we made the decision to go with soy. If somebody truly wants the best candle they can get, they have to get a soy candle. For the high end candle lover, soy will dominate the market.

How can I tell I am getting only soy wax in the candles I buy?

1) Is the wax extremely hard, smooth? Then it’s likely a paraffin candle.

2) Is the wax creamy looking? It’s soy.

3) Is the wax softer?  It’s soy.

4) Does the wax “mottle” after the first burn? That’s a characteristic of soy.

How do you make a candle out of soybeans?

Soy wax is made through a process of boiling raw soybeans, and then hydrogenating them several times to produce a wax-like state. The process for our unique candles produces clean burning candles with the ultimate scent throw.

So what’s wrong with buying paraffin candles?

One of the first by-products produced when processing petroleum is paraffin, essentially making it a toxic waste product. In most industries disposing of waste products is one of the highest costs of business. But the petroleum industry found a way to eliminate this cost in paraffin wax.

Oil refineries are tightly regulated by the EPA when they burn off waste materials. However, take a trip to almost any store, and you can purchase the waste material to take home and burn in your own home! These emissions are the same as those produced by burning diesel fuel, and have been known to cause upper respiratory problems. 

Thank you for shopping at Dancing Orchid Soapworks We, America, and the American soy farmers appreciate your business!

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