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Sweet Tobacco Cotton Wick Candle

Sweet Tobacco Cotton Wick Candle

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Our cotton wick candles are made with 100% Soy wax. Dancing Orchid Soapworks candles are highly fragranced. Our Sweet Tobacco fragranced soy candle captures aromatic pipe-ready tobacco. This heady scent balances brandy-infused tobacco leaves drenched in sweet honey and amaretto and round it off with a base of oak and warm benzoin. Our 4 oz candles are perfect and work well in smaller rooms such as a guest room or bathroom, These cuties fit nicely in a purse or travel bag. Perfect for on-the-go! Hand-made in small batches with all-natural, biodegradable soy wax no dyes are added to maintain a clean burn and a natural aesthetically pleasing creamy color.
   Our candles are clean burning and give candles double the burn time. Dancing Orchid Soapworks candles not only serve as an eco-friendly statement piece but also double as aromatherapy. Our candles come with a reusable tin and lid, Once you’ve enjoyed your candle to the end, simply wash your tin with soap and water to reuse.
 Soy Candles are truly the best. Soy is an all-natural American-farmed product! Soy Candles burn clean which equals no black smoke, toxins or residue. Soy has a longer burn time than any other wax.
Approx 20 hours burn time
This fragrance is infused with essential oils, including cedarwood, clary sage, palmarosa, and vetiver.

Top: Amaretto, Honey
Middle: Brandy, Tobacco Leaves
Base: Oak, Benzoin

4 oz 

 Safety Guidelines:

Always maintain your candle on a level, fire resistant surface and away from flammable products and materials. Ensure your candle is extinguished any time you leave the room or while sleeping. Make sure to continuously trim the wick before lighting the candle each time after the first burn, so that it’s around a quarter of an inch above the surface of the wax.
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