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Green Onyx Crystal Tower

Green Onyx Crystal Tower

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Green Onyx carries with it the primary properties of all forms of Onyx which are known for strength, willpower, and discipline. The green varieties stimulate these traits directly from the heart. Its able to soothe one's heart, bringing one to a calm emotional state. In bringing one to this state, it allows for a still mind so that one may call upon their inner endurance and persistence, making both self-mastery and dreadful tasks feel like a breeze.

Green Onyx is also known to repel negativity from the user. Its commonly worn as a piece of jewelery due to its likeness to that of Jade and Emerald , but actually has a much more powerful effect on the body when it comes to blocking negativity. 

 Astrology: Taurus

 Size: 3-4 inches

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