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Rainbow Safety Wooden Matches In Apothecary Glass Bottle - Dancing Orchid SoapWorks

Rainbow Safety Wooden Matches In Apothecary Glass Bottle

Regular price $16

  Pair our fun and colorful rainbow wooden matches with your favorite Dancing Orchid Soapworks candles. The perfect gift for that candle fanatic in your life. Keep this appealing match glass jar out as an essential piece of functional decor anywhere in your space. Put these decorative matches on a stack of books or a coffee table or next to a favorite candle, lantern, or candleholder to enhance and accent home decorating schemes.  

  No burns from pocket lighters, less hassle than a lighter stick, and way cuter than your ordinary match box. Plus, our safety matches are longer than the average match ensuring plenty of distance from the flame as candles are lit. Not only does it come with a Strike Pad on the jar, the screw-on lid protects your matches and keeps them all in one place. No more loose matches roaming around your drawers gathering dust and moisture. 

Length: 3” (75mm). 

Manufactured from renewable forest sources and not affecting natural  environment.

Keep way from children. 

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